Beat Hotel, a sharp line up.


We instantly understood that it was not a festival like any other when we met the founders of the Beat Hotel.



Behind the name a tale, a poet's story.  There is also the tale they created; a festival in the festival, called the Beat festival inside Glastonbury. The know-how of inventing a colourful world, tasteful, music inside a strong reputable giant combining rock and all sorts of headliners.

They arrived in Marrakesh, landed with their vision, the envy to make us live something “a part”. It's not just a line up, as insane as it is (patience we will reveal it to you soon enough), but of an experience like no other. Here sits the will to feed us, feed the spirit with talks, feed the senses, taste, touch, and hearing.
Yes, you will travel. They fit the upper class of the UK chefs, I named Niklas Ekstedt and Berber & q among others.

Special details are given to cocktails too, you understood in terms of food and drinks it will be incomparable to the dry wrap you usually eat at a festival.


“4 days of festival, a sharp line up, a state of mind in its own right, chefs, an ideal spot.”



Phew!! Here we are - It is undoubtedly at the level of the rest - Sharp, eclectic, British, local and oriental because Beat Hotel want to mix all vibes, it's in their DNA.

Note the presence of: Maribou state, Gerd Janson, Andrew Weatherall, Job Jobse, Palms Trax, Moscoman, Perel but also Casa Voyager or Master Muscians of Joujouka.

So, come to the Fellah (ideal spot 20 minutes from Marrakesh) early afternoon, sit in the sun and listen to the downtempo to then enjoy the creativity of a chef who is "crook" enough to loosen up the “image” of gastronomy and bring it to a festival in Morocco, that's the Beat Hotel for you. On top of all this be ready to listen to a live of James Holden & Maalem Houssam Guinia and then stomp on Job Jobse.

4 days of festival, a sharp line up, a state of mind in its own right, chefs, an ideal spot. Where experience is at the heart of the beat.

You understand why at La Confiserie Sonore we are seduced. 

How to go there:

Fellah Hotel, L'Ourika, Route de Marrakech.

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